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Help & Info about Brackets for windows

  • What is Brackets?

    Brackets is a text editor that can be used for web development. It is designed to help we developers and designers in coding CSS, HTML, and Javascript easier and faster.
  • What is Quick Edit in Brackets?

    Brackets allows its users to edit HTML codes swiftly through its Quick Edit feature. When in this mode, Brackets saves you from the hassle of manually entering CSS elements such as colors and the Bezier curve. Quick Edit also lets you edit HTML rules with just a simple click.
  • What is Live Preview?

    The Brackets Live Preview lets its users see the changes in their CSS and HTML in real-time through your browser. While the Live Preview feature can be used with a number of web browsers, its default partner is Google Chrome.
  • How to go to Live Preview?

    By default, Google Chrome is used for Bracket’s Live Preview. To do so, open your Google Chrome Browser and then open your project using Brackets. Click on the lightning bolt icon located at the top right corner of your Brackets Window and then press on CTRL+Alt+P.
  • Can I change the theme of my Brackets?

    Yes. To make you more comfortable in working on your codes, Brackets allows you to change the theme into Dark or Light. In order to change the theme, just go to View and then click on Themes.
  • How can I put extensions in Brackets?

    Installing extensions in Brackets is easy. Go to the extension icon at the top right corner of Brackets and it will automatically show you a list of all that is available for installation. After selecting one, click on the Install button.
  • What is JSLint?

    In Brackets, the JSLint will check your Javascript code after you save your project. It will display all the errors or potential problems in your JS code in a window below your project so you can immediately apply the needed changes to address the issue.
  • What are Brackets extensions for?

    The extensions for Brackets will help you in doing your projects easier, like by changing your theme and color scheme so you can see the codes better, or by providing functions that can help you organize your tasks and improve your productivity.
  • How can I start a new project in Brackets?

    After installing and launching Brackets, open the Extension Manager and then click on the New Project Creator. Brackets will then open an HTML template that you can edit.
  • Where can I download Brackets?

    Brackets is available for download at the Softonic website. Just visit the Brackets download page and click on download.


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